ProVision AR is a safety application that has been created by founder Troy Schultz owner and President of VisualGiS. ProVision AR uses Augmented Reality (AR) to aid in viewing underground assets at the ground level. Troy grew up in a family-owned commercial excavation business and quickly learned the responsibility and preparedness required when excavating or disturbing any ground. At last reporting by the Common Ground Alliance there were 532,000 incidents causing damage to underground utilities and infrastructure during excavation. These strikes have resulted in serious injuries, lost production time, liability costs, and lawsuits, which have had a significant impact on various industries and communities. Furthermore, it is important to note that these statistics do not even include near misses.

Safety is paramount when it comes to managing underground utilities. Therefore, innovative solutions to minimize these incidents are necessary. ProVision AR is one such solution. By utilizing ProVision AR and other innovative solutions, industries can improve safety, reduce incidents, and minimize liability costs. In conclusion, the high number of underground utility strikes highlights the need for improved safety measures. The use of ProVision AR to view sub surface infrastructure in a 3D viewing format is one such solution.

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