Augmented Reality for Safety

A new level of safety can be added to your underground utilities construction project

Each year hundreds of thousands of underground utilities strikes occur for various reasons. Markings can get removed by equipment use, stakes and flags get run over or get unknowing pulled. Additionally, marks can get washed away by rain events, equipment use or excavation work. Sometimes the correct data just never gets to the right people to make accurate markings for underground utilities. Our mission is to help bring more information to everyone involved in your underground and excavation projects.

Utilities Markings are Not Always Accurate

When conflicting information is Present with utilities locations.

Utilities are not always properly located by 811 locating representatives or One Call crews.

As-builts and record keeping can be lost or mismanaged.

Legacy data for underground utilities sometimes consists of napkin sketches or redlines that never get properly recorded or accessed by locating crews.

Subsurface Underground Engineering (SUE)

A Purdue University study shows cost savings for applied SUE technologies range from $4.62 for every $1.00 spent. One study observed was $206.00 for every $1.00 spent.

Take control of your data and turn it into augmented reality.

By putting your data into augmented reality you can see where 3D models and on site utilities markings integrate.